Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Butterflies and Moths

About the Author
Ezequiel Núñez BustosNaturalist specialized in Lepidoptera of Argentina
Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos collaborates in the identification of butterflies and moths. He is a field naturalist, a tourism technician and a keen entomologist. Since 1990 he has devoted himself to the investigation on the Lepidoptera of Argentina.He has published papers on butterflies and moths both in local and international conservation and entomology magazines. His books "Mariposas serranas", "Mariposas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y alrededores" and "Misiones Mariposas" are already on the market. He has been coauthoring a whole Guide on Lepidoptera of Argentina (something never done in the country) and other stuff for nine years now.He has been engaged in the project of ADN Barcodes of Argentine Lepidoptera at the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales (MACN) since 2010.To contact the author: E-mail: [email protected]
His works related to the Reservenuevas mariposasPublished in 2015especies urbanasPublished in 2008mariposas de ayer y de hoyPublished in the book "Buenos Aires, La historia de su paisaje natural" (2012)
Bunichus cattleheart/Parides bunichus

Bunichus Cattleheart

Parides bunichus damocratesSubfamily: Papilioninae
Polydamas swallowtail/Battus polydamas

Polydamas Swallowtail

Battus polydamas polydamasSubfamily: Papilioninae
Polystictus swallowtail/Battus polystictus

Polystictus Swallowtail

Battus polystictus polystictusSubfamily: Papilioninae
Thoas swallowtail/Heraclides thoas

Thoas Swallowtail

Heraclides thoas thoantiadesSubfamily: Papilioninae
Lesbia sulphur/Colias lesbia

Lesbia Sulphur

Colias lesbia lesbiaSubfamily: Coliadinae
White-angled sulphur/Anteos clorinde

White Angled-sulphur

Anteos clorindeSubfamily: Coliadinae
Cloudless sulphur/Phoebis senna

Cloudless Sulphur

Phoebis sennae marcellinaSubfamily: Coliadinae
Tailed sulphur/Phoebis neocypris

Tailed Sulphur

Phoebis neocypris neocyprisSubfamily: Coliadinae
Ghost yellow/Eurema albula

Ghost Yellow

Eurema albula sinoeSubfamily: Coliadinae
Common yellow/Eurema deva

Common Yellow

Eurema deva devaSubfamily: Coliadinae
Straight-lined sulphur/Rhabdodryas trite

Straight-lined Sulphur

Rhabdodryas triteSubfamily: Coliadinae
False common white/Teochila maenacte

False Common White

Teochila maenacte maenacteSubfamily: Pierinae
Merican white-milk/Tatochila mercedis

American White-milk

Tatochila mercedis vanvolxemiiSubfamily: Pierinae
Common white-milk/Tatochila autodice

Common White-milk

Tatochila autodice autodiceSubfamily: Pierinae
Tropical white/Glutophrissa drusilla

Tropical White

Glutophrissa drusilla drusillaSubfamily: Pierinae
Great southern white/Ascia monuste

Great Southern White

Ascia monuste automateSubfamily: Pierinae
Malina Hairstreak/Rekoa malina

Malina Hairstreak

Rekoa malinaSubfamily: Theclinae
Elida hairstreak/Arawacus ellida

Elida Hairstreak

Arawacus ellidaSubfamily: Theclinae
Silver-banded hairstreak/Chlorostrymon symaethis

Silver-banded Hairstreak

Chlorostrymon symaethisSubfamily: Theclinae
Remus greenstreak/Cyanophrys remus

Remus Greenstreak

Cyanophrys remusSubfamily: Theclinae
Caulonia groundstreak/Calycopis caulonia

Caulonia Groundstreak

Calycopis cauloniaSubfamily: Theclinae
Lantana scrub-hairstreak/Strymon bazochii

Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon bazochiiSubfamily: Theclinae
Eurytulus scrub-hairstreak/Strymon eurytulus

Eurytulus Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon eurytulusSubfamily: Theclinae
Cassius blue/Leptotes cassius

Cassius Blue

Leptotes cassius cassiusSubfamily: Polyomnatinae
Lyssipoides metalmark/Riodina lyssipoides

Lysippoides Metalmark

Riodina lyssipoidesSubfamily: Riodininae
Russula metalmark/Emesis russula

Russula Metalmark

Emesis russulaSubfamily: Riodininae
Snout/Libytheana carinenta


Libytheana carinenta carinentaSubfamily: Libytheinae
Soldier/Danaus eresimus


Danaus eresimus plexaureSubfamily: Danainae
Monarch/Danaus erippus

Southern Monarch

Danaus erippusSubfamily: Danainae
Argentine morpho/Morpho epistrophus argentinus

Argentine Morpho

Morpho epistrophus argentinusSubfamily: Morphinae
Lowland owlet/Opsiphanes invirae

Lowland Owlet

Opsiphanes invirae amplificatusSubfamily: Morphinae
Hermes satyr/Hermeuptychia hermes

Hermes Satyr

Hermeuptychia hermesSubfamily: Satyrinae
Poltys satyr/Parypthimoides poltys

Poltys Satyr

Parypthimoides poltysSubfamily: Satyrinae
Celmis satyr/Ypthimoides celmis

Celmis Satyr

Ypthimoides celmisSubfamily: Satyrinae
Ivory/Eunica eburnea


Eunica eburneaSubfamily: Biblidinae
Number eighty/Diaethria candrena

Number eighty

Diaethria candrena candrenaSubfamily: Biblidinae
Many-banded Daggerwing/Marpesia chiron

Many-banded Daggerwing

Marpesia chiron mariusSubfamily: Biblidinae
Four-spotted sailor/Dynamine postverta

Four-spotted Sailor

Dynamine postverta postvertaSubfamily: Biblidinae
Red cracker/Hamadryas amphinome

Red Cracker

Hamadryas amphinomeSubfamily: Biblidinae
Laurentia emperor/Doxocopa laurentia

Laurentia Emperor

Doxocopa laurentia laurentiaSubfamily: Apaturinae
Bella mapwing/Hypanartia bella

Bella Mapwing

Hypanartia bellaSubfamily: Nymphalinae
Southamerican lady/Vanessa braziliensis

Southamerican Lady

Vanessa braziliensisSubfamily: Nymphalinae
Chilean lady/Vanessa carye

Chilean Lady

Vanessa caryeSubfamily: Nymphalinae
Princesa roja/Anartia amathea

Red Peacock

Anartia amathea roeseliaSubfamily: Nymphalinae
White peacock/Anartia jatrophae

White Peacock

Anartia jatrophae jatrophaeSubfamily: Nymphalinae
Southern buckeye/Junonia genoveva hilaris

Southern Buckeye

Junonia genoveva hilarisSubfamily: Nymphalinae
Ithra cescent/Ortilia ithra

Ithra Crescent

Ortilia ithraSubfamily: Nymphalinae
Claudina crescent/Tegosa claudina

Claudina Crescent

Tegosa claudinaSubfamily: Nymphalinae
European peacock/Inachis io

European Peacock

Inachis ioSubfamily: Nymphalinae
Syma sister/Adelpha syma

Syma Sister

Adelpha symaSubfamily: Limenitidinae
Zea sister/Adelpha zea

Zea Sister

Adelpha zeaSubfamily: Limenitidinae
Southern fritillary/Euptoieta hortensia

Southern Fritillary

Euptoieta hortensiaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Oily lazy/Actinote mamita

Oily Lazy

Actinote mamita mamitaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Big lazy/Actinote pyrrha

Big Lazy

Actinote pyrrha pyrrhaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Common lazy/Actinote pellenea

Common Lazy

Actinote pellenea pelleneaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Gulf fritillary/Agraulis vanillae maculosa

Gulf Fritillary

Agraulis vanillae maculosaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Julia/Dryas iulia alcionea


Dryas iulia alcioneaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Juno silverspot/Dione juno

Juno Silverspot

Dione juno junoSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Banded orange/Dryadula phaetusa

Banded Orange

Dryadula phaetusaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Banded longwing/Heliconius erato phyllis

Banded Longwing

Heliconius erato phyllisSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Mexican silverspot/Dione moneta

Mexican Silverspot

Dione monetaSubfamily: Heliconiinae
Guava skipper/Phocides polybius

Guava Skipper

Phocides polybius phaniasSubfamily: Pyrginae
Silverdrop/Epargyreus tmolis


Epargyreus tmolisSubfamily: Pyrginae
White-striped longtail/Chiodes catillus

White-striped Longtail

Chioides catillus catillusSubfamily: Pyrginae
Long-tailed skipper/Urbanus proteus

Long-tailed Skipper

Urbanus proteus proteusSubfamily: Pyrginae
Dorantes longtail/Urbanus dorantes

Dorantes Longtail

Urbanus dorantes dorantesSubfamily: Pyrginae
Zagorus longtail/Urbanus zagorus

Zagorus Longtail

Urbanus zagorusSubfamily: Pyrginae
Plain longtail/Urbanus simplicius

Plain Longtail

Urbanus simpliciusSubfamily: Pyrginae
Small skipper/Viola minor

Small Skipper

Viola minorSubfamily: Pyrginae
Dichrous skipper/Theagenes dichrous

Dichrous Skipper

Theagenes dichrousSubfamily: Pyrginae
White-patched duskywing/Chiomara asychis autander

White-patched Duskywing

Chiomara asychis autanderSubfamily: Pyrginae
Funeral duskywing/Erynnis funeralis

Funeral Duskywing

Erynnis funeralisSubfamily: Pyrginae
Argentine checkered skipper/Pyrgus orcynoides

Argentine Checkered Skipper

Pyrgus orcynoidesSubfamily: Pyrginae
Orcus checkered skipper/Pyrgus orcus

Orcus Checkered Skipper

Pyrgus orcusSubfamily: Pyrginae
American white skipper/Heliopyrgus americanus bellatrix

American White Skipper

Heliopyrgus americanusSubfamily: Pyrginae
Omrina white skipper/Heliopetes omrina

Omrina White Skipper

Heliopetes omrinaSubfamily: Pyrginae
Gisca skipper/Cymaenes gisca

Gisca Skipper

Cymaenes giscaSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Fawn-spotted skipper/Cymaenes odilia

Fawn-spotted Skipper

Cymaenes odilia odiliaSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Argon skipper/Argon lotta

Argon Skipper

Argon lotaSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Canna skipper/Quinta cannae

Canna Skipper

Quinta cannaeSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Fiery skipper/Hylephila phyleus

Fiery Skipper

Hylephila phyleus phyleusSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Whirlabout/Polites vibex


Polites vibex catilinaSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Premnas broken-dash

Premnas Broken-dash

Wallengrenia premnasSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Eufala skipper/Lerodea eufala

Eufala Skipper

Lerodea eufala eufalaSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Ocola skipper/Panoquina ocola

Ocola Skipper

Panoquina ocola ocolaSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Brazilian skipper/Calpodes ethlius

Brazilian Skipper

Calpodes ethliusSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Ethologus skipper/Nastra ethologus

Ethologus Skipper

Nastra ethologusSubfamily: Hesperiinae
Butterflies' Caterpillars and Pupas
Lazy/Actinote sp.


Actinote sp.
Monarch/Danaus erippus


Danaus erippus
Oily lazy/Actinote mamita

Oily Lazy

Actinote mamita
Lazy/Actinote sp.


Actinote sp.
Polydamas swallowtail/Battus polydamas

Polydamas Swallowtail

Battus polydamas polydamas
Mexican silverspot/Dione moneta

Mexican Silverspot

Dione moneta
Laurentia emperor/Doxocopa laurentia

Laurentia Emperor

Doxocopa laurentia
Automeris naranja
Automeris naranjaSubfamily: Hemileucinae
Leucanella viridiscens
Leucanella viridiscensSubfamily: Hemileucinae
Pseudoautomeris grammivora
Pseudoautomeris grammivoraSubfamily: Hemileucinae
Hylesia nigricans
Hylesia nigricansSubfamily: Hemileucinae
Eudyaria zeta
Eudyaria zetaSubfamily: Hemileucinae
Rothschildia jacobaeae

Jacob's Silkmoth

Rothschildia jacobaeaeSubfamily: Saturniinae
Citheronia brissotii
Citheronia brissotii meridionalisSubfamily: Certocampinae
Imperial moth/Eacles imperialis opaca

Imperial moth

Eacles imperialis opacaSubfamily: Certocampinae
Imperial moth/Eacles imperialis magnifica

Imperial moth

Eacles imperialis magnificaSubfamily: Certocampinae
Rachiplusia nu
Rachiplusia nuSubfamily: Hadeninae
Hypercompe indecisa
Hypercompe indecisaSubfamily: Arctiinae
Dysschema sacrifica
Dysschema sacrificaSubfamily: Arctiinae
Halysidota ruscheweyhi
Halysidota ruscheweyhiSubfamily: Arctiinae
Rhynchopyga meisteri
Rhynchopyga meisteriSubfamily: Arctiinae
Ctenucha rubriceps
Ctenucha rubricepsSubfamily: Arctiinae
Cyanopepla orbona
Cyanopepla orbonaSubfamily: Arctiinae
Leucanopsis lineata
Leucanopsis lineataSubfamily: Arctiinae
Black witch/Ascalapha odorata

Black witch

Ascalapha odorataSubfamily: Erebinae
Melipotis fasciolaris

Fasciolated melipotis

Melipotis fasciolarisSubfamily: Erebinae
Anticarsia gemmatalis

Velvetbean Moth

Anticarsia gemmatalisSubfamily: Eulepidotinae
Ello sphinx moth/Erinnyis ello

Ello Sphinx Moth

Erinnyis ello Subfamily: Macroglossinae
White-banded day sphinx/Aellopos titan

White-banded Day Sphinx

Aellopos titan Subfamily: Macroglossinae
Tersa sphinx/Xylophanes tersa

Tersa Sphinx

Xylophanes tersa Subfamily: Macroglossinae
Gaudy sphinx/Eumorpha labruscae

Gaudy sphinx

Eumorpha labruscae Subfamily: Macroglossinae
Hawkmoth/Eumorpha analis


Eumorpha analis Subfamily: Macroglossinae
Carolina sphinx moth/Manduca sexta

Carolina Sphinx Moth

Manduca sexta Subfamily: Sphinginae
Rustic sphinx moth/Manduca rustica

Rustic Sphinx Moth

Manduca rustica Subfamily: Sphinginae
Melanchroia aterea
Melanchroia atereaSubfamily: Ennominae
Scordylia quadruplicaria
Scordylia quadruplicariaSubfamily: Larentiinae
Nomophila sp.
Nomophila sp.Subfamily: Crambinae
Pickleworm moth/Diaphania nitidalis

Pickleworm moth

Diaphania nitidalis Subfamily: Pyraustinae
Atteva pustulella
Atteva pustulellaSubfamily: Yponomeutinae
Southamerican palm borer/Paysandisia archon

South American Palm Borer

Paysandisia archonSubfamily: Castniinae
Stylura forficula
Stylura forficulaSubfamily: Procridinae
Megalopyge sp.
Megalopyge sp.
Acharia sp.

Slug Moth

Acharia sp.
Moth Caterpillars and Pupae
Automeris naranja
Automeris naranja
Leucanella viridiscens
Leucanella viridiscens
Rothschildia jacobaeae
Rothschildia jacobaeae
Dysschema sacrifica
Dysschema sacrifica
Halysidota ruscheweyhi
Halysidota ruscheweyhi
Ello sphinx
Ello Sphinx
Bag worm/Oiketicus platensis

Bag worm

Oiketicus platensis
Imperial moth/Eacles imperialis opaca

Imperial moth

Eacles imperialis opaca
Pseudoautomeris grammivora
Pseudoautomeris grammivora
Gaudy sphinx/Eumorpha labruscae

Gaudy sphinx

Eumorpha labruscae
Eumorpha analis


Eumorpha analis