Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Form & Function

This section deals with what a bird looks like and what inner structures are involved in their daily activities.

mecanismo emperchamientoPerching and Tendon Locking Mechansim
billThe bill of sievers
Asynchronous hatchingAsynchronous hatching
Monocular vision
Fright or defense moult
14 09 07 coscoroba1 MCZDevelopment cycle
Comisura/Oral flangeOral flanges
feeding on the wingFeeding on the wing
Pepitero gastrolitos/Saltator gastrolithsGastroliths
Hybrid duck/Pato híbridoAtypical Ducks
pato híbrido1Case of atypical duck
Híbrido/hybridCase of atypical duck 2
Martín pescador chico H/Green Kingfisher FSyndactyl foot
Biguá/Neotropic CormorantTotipalmate foot
Pirincho/Guira cuckooZygodactyl foot
garcita patas JSTThe bird's leg
Torcaza común/Eared DoveCrop milk
Pato zambullidor/Lake DuckStiff-tailed Ducks
Pato de collar/Ringed TealPerching Ducks
Caraú/LimpkinDevelopment cycle
Tres rapaces/Three raptorsThree raptors
Gorrión/House SparrowDust bathing
Hocó colorado/Rufescent Tiger-HeronDevelopmental cycle