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2016 Checklist
checklist © Luis PaganoThis update coincides with the 30th anniversary of the RECS declaration, on June 5th 1986. Three decades of nature available to the inhabitants of one of the most populated cities of the world. This contributes to break the paradigm which separates the rural from the urban environment. Besides, 29th of July is the 100th anniversary of Aves Argentinas, one of the three ONGs involved in the declaration of this reserve and nowadays playing a major role. Through timely and concrete actions we have been able to preserve, manage and enjoy this marvellous place. We have analyzed data of thousands of lists provided by the authors and more than a hundred collaborators, who have visited the reserve even before its declaration. The total number of species is incredibly high for an urban reserve: 336. Comparable or superior to some small countries in Europe and one of the largest of the world for urban reserves. 285 species of the total have physical evidence (pictures, recordings, available on this web site) and the remaining 51 species with sources which have been analyzed and validated. Other 8 species have been considered hypothetical since the information is not conclusive. Other 17 records correspond to escapes/releases without an established population. Habitat, abundance, seasonality and reproduction are also indicated for each species.During the last ten years we have added an average of three species a year, many of which we have been looking for based on the list of potential birds but there have been too many surprises. Find them on the list!The authors thank all the observers who provided information to compile this list and we hope to receive more data about our reserve in coming years to update the present list - our small contribution to value this place. Germán Pugnali, Carlos Ferrari, Cora Rimoldi, Simón Tagtachian, Luis Pagano, María Cecilia Chiale y Silvia Vitale.The checklist is in pdf format. For a paper copy it may be printed in several pages and assembled. It will soon be available at Aves Argentinas. Go to Checklist Costanera Sur 2016

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