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Black-necked Stilt - Himantopus mexicanus

Order: Charadriiformes - Family Recurvirostridae Habitat: Marshes and ponds

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© José L. Merlo

© José L. Merlo

Tero real/Black-backed Stilt© Roberto Ares
Very slender. Black upperparts. White forehead, crown and underparts
Tero real/Black-backed Stilt© Roberto Ares
Long and straight bill (2" 1/4). Very long rosy legs
Tero real/Black-necked Stilt© Sergio Cusano
Tero real/Black-necked Stilt© J. Simón Tagtachian
Tero real/Black-backed Stilt4-2006 © Roberto Ares
Tero real/White-backed Stilt4-2006 © Roberto Ares
Tero-real/White-backed Stilt© Roberto Ares
Plataform of grass stems
Courtship and mating
Tero real/Black-backed Stilt© RAP
See courtship and mating
© Roberto Ares This video was filmed on November 15th 2009. These four segments were extracted from a 25-minute video. We were at the Lizard Path and the Stilt family was very far in the Duck Pond. An unusual environment which was recovering after the 2008 drought. This climatic event which covered most of the country left the ponds dry. Little rainfall favoured the growth of vegetation in the pond beds. By late 2009 and during 2010 the amount of rainfall increased so that ponds were inundated again. The rather heterogeneous vegetation became sparse forming clear areas. As rainfall decreases again there is a new transformation of the landscape - the present cattail community. At first we spotted two Black-necked Stilts. One of them was half crouched, which called our eye. Looking attentively we discovered two chicks which perfectly camouflaged in the vegetation. The half crouching adult was covering up two other chicks. As their legs are long they stand on their ankles so that little stilts can be embraced. A full screen view shows four legs hanging and barely touching the ground. In the last segment one of the chicks goes inside and another one leaves. (8-2015 - CR)
Chick and immature
Tero real/White-backed Stilt© Hugo Hulsberg
Tero real/White-backed Stilt© Jorge García Vicente
Tero real/Black-necked Stilt© Pablo Mosto
Corona y espalda negro parduzcas
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