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Orange-backed Troupial - Icterus croconotus

Order: Passeriformes (Oscines) - Family: Icteridae Habitat: Chaco savannas

The area of distribution of this troupial is very far from Buenos Aires. A stripe at the north comprising Chaco, Formosa, Salta and Jujuy. Norberto Oste, a birdwatcher who spotted this bird possibly for the first time, remembers the moment. "My first sighting was more or less in April 2003. The troupial was at Canal Viamonte. I saw only one individual and no one believed me. Some time later I spotted three individuals together. Talking with Alberto Gurni and José Luis Merlo, we supposed that the presence of this bird was due to seizure and later release as was the case of the Plush-crested Jays which were also found at the Recs at that time. I remember these birds appearing at the canal at 8 am in plain winter. If I remember correctly in 2005 a pair had one chick behind the canes of the canal. Unluckily it did not prosper."
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© Norberto Oste © Diego Caiafa © José L. Merlo Dos individuos y un cardenal © José L. Merlo
© José L. Merlo      
Matico/Orange-backed Troupial© Jorge García Vicente
Orange. Black patch covering forehead, face anad breast
Matico/Orange-backed Troupial© J. Simón Tagtachian
Yellow iris. Base of lower mandible, pale
Matico/Orange-backed Troupial© Claudia y Tito Di Mauro
Black wings and tail. White on remiges
Matico/Orange-backed Troupial© Hugo Hulsberg
Turpial y matico/Campo and Orange-backed Troupials28-8-11 © Guadalupe Coll
Alogn with Campo Troupial
Turpial y matico/Campo and Orange-backed Troupials28-8-11 © Guadalupe Coll
© Pablo Serur
Feeds on insects and fruit
Matico/Orange-backed Troupial19-7-08 © Roberto Ares
Eating avocado Persea americana
Matico/Orange-backed Troupial3-8-08 © Roberto Ares
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Matico/Orange-backed Troupial5-2012 © Pablo Serur Matico/Orange-backed Troupial2-2012 © Carlos González Ledo
Matico/Orange-backed Troupial8-12-11 © J. Simón Tagtachian Turpial y matico/Campo and Orange-backed Troupials8-2011 © Guadalupe Coll
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