Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

The lost cygnet

this story took place in the Coypu Pond in 2007. This small-sized pond let us follow up two families of Coscorobas which had settled with a week difference. As females incubated males looked after their area without major problems. Time came when the first family A had 8 cygnets and a week later family B had only two. They took their respective cygnets to eat keeping distance one from the other. For some unknown reason personnel staff of the reserve crossed the pond in a boat from the embankment to the wall. Human presence caused a stir. After this moment of tension we see one of the adults A attack a cygnet with the bill as if trying to bite it and pushes the cygnet to one side. We could not understand such a behaviour towards the cygnet. The other adult A gathered the rest of the cygnets and guided them away from the scene. The adult A swam parallel to the coast at full speed to the extent that it was difficult for the cygnet to keep up with it. The adult A looked backwards, emitted some voices as if encouraging the cygnet to swim faster. Up to this point we could not understand what was happening. Then the adult A stopped and abandoned the cygnet. As it moved away, it bumped into adult B and fought. Peckings and kicks solved the fight being B the winner. Meanwhile the cygnet swam in circles emitting voices. There we realized that this cygnet belonged to family B (then we confirmed it with the photo). We spent minutes of anxiety watching the lost cygnet till its family came to rescue it. Fortunately a happy ending and each family came back to its place.
picos diferentes/different billsSee the difference in size of the bills between the two cygnets
2007 © Roberto Ares

Video from photos
2007 © Roberto Ares