Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Cases of parasitism

All cases of parasitism registered at the reserve.

Generalist: parasitizes different species - Specilist: parasitizes only one species
Interspecific: other species are parasitized - Intraspecific: parasitism within the same species
Obligate: no nest building. Obliged to parasitize - Facultative: build nests and can also parasitize

Shiny Cowbird
Molothrus bonariensis
Generalist. Interspecific. Obligate. Ten parasitized species. In all cases parasitism was detected when the little cowbird is a fledgeling. In only one case the host, Chalk-browed Mockingbird, is feeding two chicks
Parasitizing Masked Yellowthroat
Geothlypis aequinoctialis
Arañero cara negra/Masked Yellowthroat1 2005 © Carlos Ferrari Arañero cara negra/Masked Yellowthroat1 2006 © Carlos Ferrari
Arañero cara negraP/Masked YellowthroatP1 2012 © J. Simón Tagtachian  
Parasitizing Rufous Hornero
Furnarius rufus
Hornero/Rufous Hornero11 2009 © Claudia y Tito Di Mauro  

11-2011 © Javier Menendez
Parasitizing Yellow-winged Blackbird
Agelasticus thilius
Varillero ala amarilla/Agelasticus thilius12 2007 © Carlos Ferrari Varillero ala amarilla-tordo/Yellow-winged Blackbird-Cowbird19-11-17 © J. Simón Tagtachian
Parasitizing Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch
Poospiza nigrorufa
Sietevestidos/Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch12-2004 © Jorge García Vicente Sietevestidos/Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch12-2005 © Roberto Ares

12-2012 © Claudia y Tito Di Mauro

15-1-13 © Claudia y Tito Di Mauro
Parasitizing Rufous-collared Sparrow
Zonotrichia capensis
Chingolo/Rufous-collared Sparrow1 2005 © Hugo Hulsberg  
Parasitizing Chalk-browed Mockingbird
Mimus saturninus
Calandria grande/Chalk-browed Mockingbird12 2005 © Jorge García Vicente 12 2010 © Mirta Ragonesi
Calandria-renegrido/Mockingbird-Cowbird12 12 2015 © Eduardo Cusano tordo-calandria/Cowbird-Mockingbird28 1 17 © Dolores Fernández
Parasitizing Black-capped Warbling-Finch
Poospiza melanoleuca
Monterita cabeza negraP/Blac-capped Warbling-FinchP1 2007 © Jorge García Vicente Monterita cabeza negraP/Black-capped Warbling-FinchP19 1 08 © Roberto Ares
Parasitizing Sooty-fronted Spinetail
Synallaxis frontalis
Pijuí Frente Gris/Sooty-fronted Spinetail1 2008 © Jorge García Vicente  
Parasitizing House Wren
Troglodytes aedon
Ratona comúnP/House WrenP11-2010 © Roberto Ares  
Parasitizing White-lined Tanager
Tachyphonus rufus
F. negro-T. renegrido/White-lined T.-Shiny C.16 1 14 © Amelia Besana  
Parasitizing Greyish Baywing
Agelaioides badius
Parasitismo/Parasitism10-2013 © Silvia Vitale
All the story in Parasitism - Shiny Cowbird
Parasitizing Red-eyed Vireo
Vireo olivaceus

11-2016 © Juan Carlos Ferreyra
Chiví-tordo/Vireo-Cowbird29-12-16 © J. Simón Tagtachian
Screaming Cowbird
Molothrus rufoaxillaris
Specialist (parasitizes basically Greyish Baywing). Interspecific. Obligate.
Parasitizing Greyish Baywing
Agelaioides badius
Tordo músicoR/Bay-winged CowbirdR© Carlos Gonzalez Ledo

Black-headed Duck
Heteronetta atricapilla
Generalist. Interespecific. Obligate.
Parasitizing Rosy-billed Pochard
Netta peposaca
Picazo-cabeza negra/Pochard-Black-headed Duck19-11-17 © J. Simón Tagtachian Picazo-cabeza negra/Pochard-Black-headed Duck19-11-17 © J. Simón Tagtachian

Fulvous Whistling-Duck
Dendrocygna bicolor
Generalist. Inter- and intraespecific. Facultative. Complete version of these two cases in Parasitism - Fulvous Whistling-Duck
Parasitizing Rosy-billed Pochard
Netta peposaca
Pato picazo/Rosy-billed Pochard12 2009 © José Luis Merlo Pato picazo/Rosy-billed Pochard2 2015 © Claudia y Diego Bastías