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Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Swamp eel - Synbranchus marmoratus

Family: Synbranchidae
New species: Marbled Swamp-eel
Synbranchus marmoratus
Anguila criolla/Marbled Swamp ee-How easily we can be fooled. It has neither fins nor scales, looks like an eel, but it is a fish. It is commonly known as marbled swamp eel
Synbranchus marmoratus.
Anguila criolla/Marbled Swamp eelIt is a freshwater fish and is found in rivers, canals, lakes, etc. Here they were seen at the opening of the pipe. There were three individuals. Two were between 80 and 100 cm long and the other one, 60 cam long. Anguila criolla/Marbled Swamp eelIt was not taken out of water. The peculiarity of this fish is that it can breathe oxygen both in the water and in the air due to specialized adaptations in the gills. Ii is covered with a mucous membrane which facilitates moving on the ground and prevents the swamp eel from desiccation. Photos © J. Simón Tagtachian