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Behaviour - Chalk-browed Mockingbird

The Chalk-browed Mockingbird does not let itself be intimidated by raptors. When these occupy their tree, the mockingbirds try to drive them away one way or another. Sometimes pouncing on and yelling at them, sometimes with overt attacks. A mockingbird can act alone or may be assisted by other mockingbirds to stalk the raptor. They are not always successful. Sometimes they do drive it away, sometimes they give up and leave. Here three similar situations with three differents raptors: Chimango Caracara, Southern Caracara and Roadside Hawk.

Chimango Caracara-Chalk-browed Mockingbird
Milvago chimango-Mimus saturninus
Chimango-calandria/Chimango Caracara/Chalk-browed Mockingbird© Milano-Muszkats Chimango-calandria/Chimango Caracara/Chalk-browed Mockingbird© Milano-Muszkats
This Chimango Caracara sat on a Cock Spur Coral Tree occupied by Chalk-browed Mockingbirds. An unpleasant visitor for the mockingbirds. They tried hard to drive it away but failed. So they left the tree. As the owner of the place the Chimango stayed motionless for a while, took off and disappeared from sight.

Southern-crested Caracara-Chalk-browed Mockingbird Caracara plancus-Mimus saturninus
The mockingbird confronts the Caracara this time The voice of the mockingbird led me to a caracara which was tearing off leaves and branches. The yells attracted another five mockingbirds. From a dried tree they swooped down on the caracara. Like the Chimango Caracara, the Southern-crested Caracara ignored the attacks even the overt ones. The caracara kept pulling branches for a while and then left. © Pablo Serur
Roadside Hawk-Chalk-browed Mockingbird
Buteo magnirostris-Mimus saturninus
calandria-taguató/Mockingbird/Hawk© Pablo Serur